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Development history


March 20, 2019 Ford Everest shocked the market with Chinese Mountaineering Team.

Jan 22, Ford Territory, a midsize intelligent SUV, tailored for Chinese customers, kicked the market with glory.


Dec 21, 2018, Ford Territory, a midsize intelligent SUV, went offline officially in JMC Xiaolan Plant.

Sept 17, Nanchang Bayi Square was shining with colorful lights. Yuhu 3, a new JMC Yuhu brand Pickup was declared to enter the market.

At the Beijing Auto Show, JMC launched five new models: Ford Tourneo Executive Version, Ford Everest í░Magellan Versioní▒ Official Customized Refitted Vehicle, JMC Yuhu í░Hunterí▒, Brand New Heavy Duty Light Truck í░Kairui Heavy Duty King Kongí▒ and BEV light t


April 19,2017-First Heavy Truck of JMC debuted in Shanghai Auto Show.

April 2017- New Ford Everest launched in Mount Everest.

March 28-Ford Tourneo AT launched in Beijing.

JMC TeShun launched.


2016- Fully imported Europe style big MPV-Ford Tourneo launched.

Urban SUV of vitality-YuSheng S330 launched.

Always surpassing, never been surpassed----Ford New Transit launched.


June-JMC 200k Gasoline Engine Plant & Ford 2.0LGTDI gas engine put into operation.

Oct-Ford Everest launched & JMC keeps gaining momentum.


Launched Ford SUV Everest.

The operating indexes of JMC shares reached a new high, with sales of 276,000 vehicles and revenue of 25.54 billion yuan, up by 22.3% year on year.

Yusheng design won Chinaí»s Patent Award.

JMC won Jiangxi Province Quality Award.


Xiaolan 300k vehicle new base put into operation.

Launched the global 7,000,000th Transit in JMC Xiaolan.

Started 200k Gasoline Engines Project.

Launched YuSheng S350 and recognized as National Enterprise Technology Center.

Won the 4th prize in China Independent Brand Value.

JMC sales revenue hit 20 billion RMB.


Sales in 2012 hit 200,000 and acquired Taiyuan Heavy Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Won the honor í░National Enterprise for Exemption from Export Inspectioní▒.


Launched YuSheng, marking a beginning for JMC to provide passenger vehicles.

Xiaolan put into operation.

Launched the global 6,000,000th Transit in JMC.

JMC sales revenue hit 10 billion RMB.


Sales over 100,000 while profit over 1 billion RMB and won National Environmental Protection Achievement Award.


Launched New Generation Transit & became a new role model commercial vehicle in China.


Started to produce JX4D24 engines.


Products exported to Algeria, marking a beginning to open up overseas market & JMC vehicles exported over 80 countries and regions .


Annual production and sales hit 50,000& JMC started to operate two brands, namely, self-own brand and Ford brand.


Launched Classic transit.


Issued B-shares and built strategic partnership with Ford.


JMC was founded and went listed, the first listed company in stock exchange of Jiangxi Province.

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